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  1. Really sucks to see Phoenix dwindle and end the way it has. Definitely met some great people here. RIP Phoenix.

  2. You didn't deserve what happened to you. We all wanted you to get General. 

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    2. Salty Fallout

      Salty Fallout

      obsidian is a nice guy but some one who went from Second Lt to major should not be a general no mater what yes he was a prv gen. and havoc state is beyond stupid atm The command that are there don't really know what they are doing the faction was failing since Max was gen yes they where all nice guys but they faild the faction and at this time its reached rock bottom. the entire faction need a re work and experienced command members need to be put in place and the command members need to be people who are not stupid and can revive the faction to what it once was

    3. Niko


      @F L E M I N G OIt was 5 people yesterday, therefore I said 5. Within the 7 members of Command, I feel like only 3, possibly 4, are competent for any higher position. On top of that, it doesn't justify that Obsidian was power ranked his ass off. As I said previously. he joined cops, which should lead to him joining as a Pvt. at max. This was overruled and he got 2/Lt., which seems a lot to most of the community. He got Major which should NEVER EVER have happened and you want to tell me he should get General? In the meantime where other people were putting effort into HAVOC and climbing ranks, he was enjoying APC. Don't give me that he should of gotten General. 

    4. F L E M I N G O

      F L E M I N G O

      @Niko. What's this? A coherent well reasoned argument? At least you use some common sense, I feel that I was overly critical of you in the last comment now.

      Anyhow, whether you believe that only 3 or 4 of the 7 members of the Command Team are competent then that's your opinion. Just to let you know, when Obsidian wanted to join back Cake allowed all Command / High Command Members to vote on this. This included Messiah, Lolyhase, Dmitry, Mystic, Chang and Jon Malteser who, as you know, all left following Messiah's removal.. Some of the forementioned names wanted Obsidian to become Major again but he instead got voted in as a 2/Lt. Regardless on whether you think he should have obtained that rank or not, it was what the Command Team decided on and there was no dissent (that I can recall) from the NCOs regarding Obsidian's promotion. Regarding him getting General, the people who currently have the highest potential of getting General within HAVOC is myself, Peter and Jonas. All of us instead wanted Obsidian to get General instead because of his previous experience in the position. This was something that not only us but the remainder of the Command Team also wanted. The majority of the NCOs also seemed to like him and were sad to see him leave. 

      Anyway it looks like we are going to pursue a democratic vote within the faction to decide on our next High Command / General. 

  3. I'm only going to respond once, because I've not made any comment or remark on the statements on the situation that includes myself. Your second point - 1) Returning Officer for High Command has always been more lenient. This has gone for every single High Command member that has ever returned. This is public knowledge. Jon returned as Lt. after at least a year out of Commission from his Col. position. SKY returned 2 weeks after leaving his Col. position and retained his Col. position (which nobody had an issue with.) Roy returned roughly 4-6 months after leaving his Maj. position and gained Lt. I can easily go on here... High Command have more leniency on returns. 2) My returning rank was up to the Command team. They had the option to vote NCO, 2/Lt., Lt., Capt,. The majority voted 2/Lt. 3) I was practically begged by a fair number of Command members, and asked by a couple of HC members to return. I returned... Me getting Major, I would fully agree with you, if the only person left in HC wasn't solely one person. One person dealing with the entire faction, making sole decisions without a counter or any constructive feedback, wouldn't be efficient. If there were other people already in HC that stayed and was confident in their abilities, I would not have gotten Major. And I'm completely fine with that, I also would have been completely fine with not getting in as a Command member on my return. There were also a few command that requested Cake give me Major to support him on rebuilding the HC team and Command team. Your third point - When speaking on Messiah before, during and after his position within the faction, I have always said that when he is focused, he absolutely is dedicated and the work produced is of high quality. I don't think anybody has disagreed with that, I don't think anybody could. I won't be speaking on the reasoning behind Messiah's removal, since that's between Messiah and Cake. From an outside perspective looking in and/or those that don't quite understand, this does look bad on Cake. Especially considering those who are blacklisted are hopping on the bandwagon with their hatred due to the aforementioned. I can't blame them, I'd probably jump on it too. Anyway, the reason I responded to this and this alone (won't be making another post, either...) is because you have legitimate concerns and this original post doesn't have trash talking in it for the sake of trash talking. I must admit though, the truth is, it doesn't matter what gets said by anybody on the other side, nobody will be happy and everybody will over-exaggerate and/or blow this way out of proportion. Hopefully we can find some kind of peace.
  4. Disagree with the police activity since there are already rules in place. Which if it seems there are lack of police (which I don't think I've seen for a while) then they aren't following the guideline already set out. Agreed that Police don't RP very well, there are a few that do and they're usually the newer/lower ranking cops. Around PCSO-SPC and a very small handful above those ranks. Although, as we all know, it's irrelevant going to Gold Command as nothing happens since the only response we get is "I don't think there's anything wrong here." So I get why this is an issue. The issue with enforcing such changes to rebel life with "rebel standards" is the dynamic environment of role-play. People take on the role of their chosen character/personalities and would be difficult to regulate. Which I do agree half of the time is just the same old same old. With this, I recommend seeing the role-play standard rule and going from there. And although I've been around for a long time and don't plan to leave any time soon, and my appreciation for the certain parts of the community, even though this is an RP server, you have to understand that there's very few people who actually care about role-playing. They mostly prefer combat. Which is ironic and ruins it for the role-players, however, we either put up with the bullshit and have people to play with, or we throw our dummies out and have 10 people to play with. It's just the way it is... It's just Phoenix.
  5. Did you read the suggestion? The initiation doesn't change lol. That continues as normal, if you get the chance to initiate, do it. The suggestion was to say that you can ram MRAP's without initiation if 3 minutes have gone by as an alternative.
  6. Completely agreed (which rarely happens :p) in light of this then, may I ask that during the next staff meeting, it becomes a point to enforce and adhere to this?
  7. There is harm and there is foul, ESPECIALLY if it's coming from a whitelisted faction. Willingly breaking rules isn't acceptable whatsoever and accountability needs to be taken. We don't RDM our friends because it's fun and no one minds. Go to Wasteland for mindless gameplay.
  8. The issue is MRAP vs MRAP during negotiations. Not who chooses to do it. It's the act itself.
  9. Active RP on this server is "Hello." Seen this from everybody on the server - even seen this from support and staff. Nobody adheres to this and nobody enforces it. Like I said, this happens under support, staff and management's noses. IT's all well and good saying what the rules are, but until they're actually enforced they're just useless.
  10. Are you kidding? When negotiations are going on, the main goal is to find a resolution, ending in peace. Smashing into each other's vehicles (90% of the time desync ramming) is going against the nature of any and all negotiations. I think you need to reconsider what you believe to be low standard of RP. Ramming into vehicles during negotiations isn't RP, it doesn't develop or help RP, just turns the situation sour.
  11. Has nothing to do with knowing how to use them or not. It's about killing people outside of initiation, turning any conflict sour before it even begins. Nothing to do with what skill people have to use them. You say this yet have also admitted to seeing and hearing people do this and desync ram, Admins have admitted to hearing and seeing it all... Nothing gets done. Either the staff team enforce low standard of RP when THEY see it and/or when desync ramming happens, or we change the rules to accommodate.
  12. Kinda the same as the current initiation rule then. Good input.
  13. Time Submitted: 12:24:50 AM | 02/17/20 Submitted By: Obsidian Forum ID: 2092 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: MRAP vs MRAP Rule change What Is Your Suggestion: Change the rules revolving around MRAPs and when it's acceptable to MRAP vs MRAP. Currently, during negotiations or simply having a quick chat with somebody is acceptable for MRAPs to start ramming into each other. By the time negotiations are called off or initiation even begins, half of the MRAPs/people have blown up/died and this is the norm. At least for the past few months. We have management talking about valuing role-play standards and as faction members we should always adhere to them, and we're told to report low standards of RP. That's all well and good, but then you're looking at an empty server entirely. We need rules that work, I propose: Vehicles classed as MRAPs, APCs and Tanks are allowed to ram each other while in an active RP/Combat situation. to Vehicles classed as MRAPs, APCs and Tanks are allowed to ram each other while in an active Combat situation, or have been involved in a role-play situation for at least 3 minutes. This way, if an MRAP is just driving off in a clear chase, you will eventually be able to ram them. The current system for MRAPs is so flawed and could do with a bit of a revamp/update.
  14. These are great pictures! I'll be doing a bunch of social-media related work tomorrow as I've been a bit too busy lately. These will definitely be going in, along with lots of other content.
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