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  1. wooow 3 years and 1 day

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    2. HUNT3R


      and counting... for some reason...

    3. Stefan♦


      ahwww poor ted hides his reply

    4. Ted


      didn't want to hurt your feelings xox

  2. It's all fine because as they have said before:

    "we'd rather have 5 people who actually roleplay than a full server of frag hungry people"

    only problem right now is that the roleplayers finally realize the server is shit :D

    1. ᵉᵐᵇᵉʳˢ
    2. Curly


      @MBS SMH

    3. Gill


      tbh im giving it a break, waiting for jungle life

  3. Stefan♦

    Ace Boyden | R6S Edit #6

    you take time to edit but dont sync on beat smh big -1 @Cobra★ look at this garbage
  4. huh? You do realize he is talking about the ownership of the house and not the items in the house
  5. Same. would turn it this far back that I'd never have to meet you
  6. Nobody: Lester: probally last Good song tho
  7. Stefan♦

    PC Lucanova

    Wow you are just gonna roast him like that?
  8. or just ooga booga pull plug kill put plug back in
  9. Woow, does this epic coder not know how to make a RNG?? smh dude!
  10. Like whore

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    2. Stefan♦


      Hahahahahaha only beta males can't insert gifs here
      Tyler1 Tyler1Autism GIF - Tyler1 Tyler1Autism Tyler1Wii GIFs

    3. Cobra★


      Animated GIFs | Tenor

      omg ur so cool

    4. Stefan♦


      hahaaha u have the big g

  11. not even worth commenting on sooooo shit!!!!
  12. Wait this support member is allowed to shitpost and ignore forum rules while the reason (according to alex) that I didn't get support is because I shitpost too much?? get this man out of support already
  13. You stuck in the washed phase for 3+ years?
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