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  1. Sharkbait

    Stepping away

    You've done a lot of great things for this community and have been a superb member of management. Most people probably don't realise just how much work you put in behind the scenes. All the best dude.
  2. Introduction to N'ziwasogo Red Cross Hi, I'm writing this post to give a bit of an insight into the new medic faction for Jungle Life, called the N'ziwasogo Red Cross (NRC) for which I have been appointed Director. I want this new medic faction to be a bit different to on Altis Life. I want it to be more enjoyable, more varied and for there to be much higher rewards for being active and carrying out medical duties in-game. But step one is getting people involved. At the moment recruitment is only open to current and retired members of the NHS, if you fit this criteria and are interested in joining, please send me a message here on the forums. Recruitment will be open to everyone very soon and should be well underway before server launch. The NRC Handbook can be found here. It is still in early stages but will be complete to a sufficient standard before server launch. The ranking structure is as follows: Director, Deputy Director, Manager, Supervisor, Practitioner, Nurse, First Responder, Assistant; with Manager and above being classed as command. I look forward to taking on this new challenge by leading the faction and I hope for it to be exciting and fun for everyone who gives it a try. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Sharkbait
  3. Time Submitted: 12:03:13 AM | 09/18/20 Submitted By: Sharkbait Forum ID: 1836 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Increase revive rewards What Is Your Suggestion: In my opinion the revive rewards given to medics should be massively increased to incentivize players to join the faction and play regularly. At the moment medics receive 20k per revive which is not at all balanced compared to how much a rebel would make doing a run where often zero roleplay is involved. Playing as a medic should be a viable way to make money to encourage people to play as the faction.
  4. This isn't constructive. Everyone should be able to give their input and make suggestions for improvements or new ideas.
  5. This is poor roleplay, you can dispute people for this and escalate to report if they aren't willing to resolve (I'd definitely recommend recording your gameplay if you're not already). We obviously want everyone to have an enjoyable experience on the server and part of that is encouraging players to put in the effort to roleplay to ensure other players are having fun too. "2.9 Roleplay Standard - You must always keep a high level of roleplay standard when playing." ....... "This rule is not just limited to when you are initiating, it's here to promote high levels of roleplay with whatever you are doing." ....... I think this is a great idea, as long as the evac zones are always far enough away from the fight which will forever be moving around. +1
  6. If you can join and play without being kicked then I don't see an issue at all. Of course you can play on the server
  7. are you trying to get your content count up or something 🤣

    1. A D A M

      A D A M

      Well it's not the goal but I enjoy to do so and at the same time Just do deed in this world and being inspirational :D

  8. Welcome! Feel free to hop into TS at anytime if you need help with anything.
  9. I agree, the story behind the faction works really well but I rarely see that portrayed in RP. This needs to be promoted more, new gangs need to know that CSAT are there to help. This is a great idea and should be taken a step further honestly: remove all suppressors and long range scopes. +1
  10. This is a really good idea actually Correct
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