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  1. I turned to the right and the Hunter turned to the left, we both rammed each other but you blew up. You literally have no idea what desync is lmao, both MRAPs touched each other but you were the one that blew up. The first gif is 'clear desync ram', the other Ifrit hit the laggy trail (dunno how else to say it) behind the main Ifrit and thus they died.
  2. Rule 1.1 without the first part: Vehicles classed as MRAPs are allowed ram each other while in an active RP/Combat situation. Brake Checking and Desync Ramming are classed as VDM, therefore they are strictly not allowed. This is Desync Ramming, no contact between either vehicle: This is not Desync Ramming, there is clear Physical Contact: The Hunter was the one that turned into me and made Physical Contact with my Ifrit, resulting in their deaths. This is not Desync, yet two cops broke NLR 3 TIMES and came back to this bank. MRAPs can no longer ram each other like they used to be able to a long time ago before PhysX was 'updated', this is what happens when you ram another MRAP. Just made this post to distinguish the quite obvious differences between Desync ramming and normal ramming, seeing as quite a few people can't tell the difference.
  3. Tekson


    If I get a vehicle and I need money, that shit's getting chopped, regardless of if I can get someone to pick me up or not. Things like adding a garage to chop shop just make the gameplay so much nicer. +1
  4. yikes probably should add that extra rank then
  5. So Academy is considered as an entire Constabulary, not a Special Department?
  6. You're restricting players' ability to execute an individual for the sake of 'adding rp', how does only being able to execute with a pistol add any form of extra rp whatsoever?
  7. I'm confused as to how adding another rank to the actual APC, not a special department rank somehow increases your motivation to continue your Academy work. If you add another APC rank just for Academy members you essentially create an obstacle that Academy members need to achieve in order to progress to the next rank, whereas their non-academy counterparts can skip DSGT and recieve the next rank. Surely that eliminates any motivation to be in the Academy at all?
  8. Tekson


    Why are you greentexting on here...
  9. Time Submitted: 11:22:43 AM | 06/01/18 Submitted By: Tekson (179) In-Game Name: Renzii Steam / Player ID: 76561198179018103 Administrator who issued ban: y0rkie Date of ban: 03/02/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was a victim of the Infamous Blanket ban. Some of my gangmates had been unpleasant to other members of the community and I was involved in it all as I played alongside them ingame. What reason was given for your ban? Infamous Blanket Ban Why should you be unbanned? I wasn't one of the people contributing to the toxic behaviour outgoing from our gang. I simply played with my friends until we were all banned. It's been a few months and in all honesty I think we've all cooled down and are ready to return to the server. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  10. You can change your ArmA 3 control preset to default and you'll be able to scroll wheel to select your weapon. Apex preset uses the num keys to switch weapons.
  11. Didn't even see this last time hahahahaha /thread
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