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  1. My fucking laugh at the end is special
  2. Bosh

    3rd Prestige

    No, i explained to Ted that i didnt have any proof nor could remember when it was
  3. Time Submitted: 06:47:59 PM | 08/31/20 Submitted By: Bosh Forum ID: 1705 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Gang Wars - Bases What Is Your Suggestion: We went to gangwars on Friday, no one contested the base. Yet we are still paying 8 Mil for a gangbase? Why are we paying for a gangbase yet we dont even get attacked and we are wasting money. Just for now whilst we literally have no Playerbase dont you give a gangbase to the most active gangs E.g 2.9
  4. Bosh


  5. Bosh

    3rd Prestige

    Spoke to Ted 3rd prestige
  6. People moan when the servers dead yet anything happens and police just crush everything. dont moan that the servers dead if you are gonna kill it yourself
  7. Yet when i fly an armed hellcat in HAVOC and was authorized it gets grounded for 3 weeks yet you get a MAR10 and nothing happens? Honestly Police get everything handed to them and they still fucking cry
  8. !QUICKFIX! Make it so that police have to pay for MAR10 so they dont make the server boring
  9. that literally fixes fuckall
  10. Give me Armed Hellcat and yeah ill join
  11. i was gonna join CSAT but theyre full. Cops are embarrassing atm so dont want to be part of them xD
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