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  1. Time Submitted: 12:41:47 AM | 09/20/20 Submitted By: I No-Scoped JFK Forum ID: 1413 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: More rebel outposts What Is Your Suggestion: I would like to see more Rebel outposts added to the server. This would help with getting weapons for rebels as at the moment you have to go well out of your way to get them. One location where a new outpost could be added is here: https://i.imgur.com/vX2qaDY.jpg . Also I would want the northern hideout above athira changed to an outpost and the hideout be swapped with the one below northen cartel which would allow for civs to get advanced rebel weapons and be able to get quickly to the action. Another part of this suggestion would be a perk added to 0 prestige level 50 that you can spawn at all rebel outposts, This would allow for rebels again to have more easy access to weapons so they can have get back into fighting and having fun sooner.
  2. I No-Scoped JFK

    We got em

    Defo found this funnier than I should have.
  3. I No-Scoped JFK

    Seya Later Gamers

    o7 big man
  4. I No-Scoped JFK

    Faction NLR | VOTE

    You've gotta remember that its not like theres 25 cops slamming cartels, Its generally only CTU. You say we have free strong vehicle assets which we generally can't bring due to the fact if we want to bring a prowler to a cartel we have to drive like 6-10km, we also don't have an infinite amount of these vehicles.
  5. I No-Scoped JFK

    Faction NLR | VOTE

    Yeah no, If cops would have to pay for their gear you would need to increase paychecks and also then it would definatley lead to more boring combat because Im not gonna want to push with a loadout that costs 200k.
  6. I No-Scoped JFK

    Faction NLR | VOTE

    The reason people go to redzones is for combat, If cops had no NLR there would be more combat. I get some people saying that cops would dominate cartels but it would also encourage gangs to bring more people if they know they can get combat. Also 90% of the time cops will also be the ones pushing at cartels because we have free gear.
  7. Ngl brooklyn, people in staff really don't seem to understand what smoke exploiting is. Think we should just allow it tbh
  8. Ngl clearly shows he wasn't smoke exploiting, 3rd and 1st person smoke was the same
  9. I No-Scoped JFK


    Gang bases are mainly used in gang wars tho, thats when you have the fights at them, so thats what they should be balanced for. With those bar gates there tho, it means that vehicles can be put on the other side of them, making it even harder to get into the gang base. Also saying most people can't rip, isn't a good excuse, as generally the people who play gang wars and slam gang bases are the better players who can rip.
  10. I No-Scoped JFK


    Seems like a very one sided base design embers, legit pushing that would be aids due to all the deerstands and the 2 bunkers. Bar gates make it difficult to slam into the gang base aswell
  11. This would prob help server pop ngl, staff team could easily deal with people who still don't wanna follow rules
  12. feelsbad, those type 50cal mags tho
  13. Needs to be different to havoc tho, needs to be new. Heard some rumors about a new faction being suggested by scottish a while ago that sounded good.
  14. Well ngl, needs to besooner rather than later. Legit something small that acts more like a guerilla force against the apc and helps civs would be perfect right now.
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