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  1. but i wanna play on the server again sad reacts
  2. yeah as soon as i get a lag skipe i get kicked from the game im just wondering if there is anything anyone could do about it
  3. so is this gonna get like disscussed about at all?
  4. been playing on this server since 2017 and was playing on the server for 1 year striaght when i first joined there wasnt one complaint about my ping being high during combat and d sync wasnt that bad
  5. Nah I'm not banned like it will let me play when there's 40 people on but when there 2 apparently I'm not allowed to and my ping was the same on both occasions IV never been banned or anything aswell
  6. Would you let Australians play with you IV been playing on the server on and off for the past year because my PC is potatoes but I was playing heavily in 2017 and 2018 and accumulated almost 1000+ hours on the server alone and was wondering would there be a way you would allow me to play on the server once again?1
  7. Bruv I would if I could I live in upside down island and you UK people don't like us playing with you all 😥
  8. Thanks for putting the words in the right direction everything on this site is upsidedown for some reason and I miss playing Phoenix I just got a new PC 🥺
  9. are there new ping requirments in plce and if so what is the maximum ping you can have??
  10. Time Submitted: 01:33:56 PM | 10/27/19 Submitted By: Ravioli (1304) In-Game Name: Ravioli Steam / Player ID: 76561198104308168 Date of Event: 10/28/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): dont have photo or video becasue happened when i was gone Details of Event: when i was playing just before i left the server for a couple months i had alot of expensive and rare gear stored in the storage boxes in multiple houses im wondering if i could either get the gear back preferably but if not cash is fine i had 3- lrr m320 (in cammo), 2- level 5 vests, about 5- lrps scopes, 8- mags of .408 rounds, 2- mk1s, 3- spar 17s, 1 black beret and thats all i had in the house. Compensation Amount: im not sure the amount i collected these items over time and do not remmeber the prices of the items and the cammo lrr m320s were very hard to get my hands on. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  11. Ravioli

    The og Ravioli

    The real ravioli is back all these spiders have kept me away from my pc missed you zinner and rusty
  12. 300+ it has been for the last 10 months because i live in australia
  13. hello so i have been playing on this amazing server for the last 10 months yes a fair while but a couple of days ago i have tryed to join into the server at first i thought it was the mission file so i went into support about it they sent me the mission files i copped and pasted it in and still that didnt work i was confused at first but then i got my friend who is a support member to see what is wrong and it says i have not met the ping requirements i was wondering if there is anyway you could possibly fix that for me and make a special thing so i can join i have not caused and desync problems and i have not been banned off the server before i was wondering if you cold help me out i love and adore this server alot and dont want to leave
  14. Ravioli

    BigDawgs | Open

    BigDawgs Welcome to the gang page of BigDawgs we are a group of people with Big hopes we are rebels that strive to grow the size of our organisation an completely over run anyone who stands in our way! Roster Leader RawDawg Co-Leader Urbantricks Director Manager Team Leader Member Recruit Back Story I came to this island on a wooden door and when i was walking back from KFC eating my $20 bucked of fried chicken some guy approached me with weapons drawn and said you have to give me everything you have i didn't have much it took me 2 weeks of begging to be able to afford my bucket of chicken they then proceed to strip me of everything i had even my clothes and they ran away laughing so i decided to establish this organisation to tear down all of the corrupt gangs on the island and start a new era of Big Dawgs! Requirements - Must be 15 years old or above, - Must have a rebel licence, - Must have a mature attitude, - Stable Bank balance, - Arma 3 experience, - A good attitude to teamwork and RolePlay, - Good communication ability and understanding of the English Language, Application Please complete and answer all questions fully in detail and post below. Name: Age: Nationality: Arma 3 hours played: Why do you want to join BigDawgs?: What will you bring to the team?: Tell us about you: (Tell us your story, how you got to Altis, what you do here, where do you want to go) Once you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed and ACCEPTED or DECLINED. If accepted, you will be asked to attend an interview. Best of Luck RawDawg
  15. @DeadTetris I have reviewed your application and have decided to accept it, Please message myself or @Rusty on TS for you're interview. ACCEPTED
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