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    1. Conner Merlin

      Conner Merlin


  1. Where are my Bigwelds at? @Ryan Wilson

  2. Adam

    The time has come

  3. Yikes, Tom got his staff removed for having an opinion, feelsbadman. MonkaS
  4. Adam

    Fleur Knight for next PM

    @Ryan Wilson makes me sausage rolls so sorry @fleur
  5. Name: Age: 4 Hours on Roblox: 2172 Hours on Arma: 69 Games you have considered "laddy": Bingo past run ins with the rozzas: Stole a KitKat Chunky from Tesco Opinions on Brexit: +1 Do you watch Love Island? : No Do you play Minecraft: I own a minecraft server Whats your whip status: Golf Cart Pass times you like to do: inhaling bath salts Is it coming home ?: Yes. ethnicity: Dog Would u get a skin head ?: I'd prefer to put my hair in a 90 degree angle and run into people.
  6. GCSE's are over. I could get a job.

    Or I could do fuck all for 10 weeks.

    1. Shaun Johnson

      Shaun Johnson

      I say do nothing but play Phoenix

    2. Scarso


      ^^ He has the right idea

    3. Roy


      fuck all is always the choice of the smart people.

  7. Adam

    Coming back for a bit

    Sup buds @Charlie Knight @Alexander
  8. Adam

    Coming back for a bit

    Already a SGT buddy boy
  9. Title says it all, cya around on the server
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