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  2. raaid

    Well Damn...

    Weren’t you banned by Conner merlin @TG_Boothy lol
  3. raaid

    Well Damn...

    Lol open your eyes
  4. sat on cap rn, as usual no one pushing
  5. Well tbh I really think something should be done(at least from 4pm-12pm- then remove it when the whole corona blows over) as it’s unplayable at the moment and not enjoyable.
  6. Has an s2 ever been tried, if so was it with limited hours?
  7. There’s easy ways round that, temporary inbuilt new faction rules can be built to support both servers. i think all previous arguments against a second server are invalid. As no one has ever had this long off, from the end of March to the end to basically the end of September. And with a 2nd server up from 4pm -12pm that seems reasonable especially when the donation goal is often at 200% @Stephen
  8. It’s not even that bro, the lag is awful and is at the point where it’s unplayable. Tbh I think it’s got worse since the server testing during the 2 hour restart slots.
  9. Don’t see why one couldn’t be up from 4pm -12pm that’s when the server is at its peak, and is un playable when more than 3 people are in the same area....
  10. yeah but why cant it be put up for the 6 months we now have off, the time were in atm isn't like before. no ones go back to school/uni/collage for another 6 months. why can't a second server be put up, as currently s1 is un playable you cant even push cap or anything, you shoot someone and they die 10 seconds later. the server donation goal is met every month and its often at 200%
  11. think you should introduce another server especially while the corona-virus is around and everyone's online, limit the player slots on each server to 100 and it would be fine, the lag would go, as its those 30 players that fuck it for everyone
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