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  1. @Speedy. I demand a 1v1 right now, if you do not show up you owe me 10million in game

    1. Speedy.
    2. Kevin


      I'll transfer the 10 mil right away 

  2. cops better watch their backs tonight

  3. Felt like this needed to be dug up to remember the good old days. Dynasty, the Altis pioneers of guided weapons of mass destruction.
  4. yo @Tiger I can comp the rest of your gear if you want, don't want to see you get out of this outrageous situation losing money

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HUNT3R


      @Tiger sorry, no can do, I only roach. Anyway, I would say just push for the ban, he's definitely being condescending about the situation.

    3. Maximilian


      @HUNT3R I really, really hope that you're being sarcastic.

    4. HUNT3R


      @Maximilian I thought that was more than clear after me reacting with KEKW to his entire report...

  5. Could anyone fill me in on whats CSAT objective and what they mainly do?

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    2. Niko


      it was a short summary, there is a handbook that you can take a read through. We don't have a border, we have milestones which we complete to get certain assets, we have camps around the map which are not on the map and unlike havoc, we tend to cooperate with rebels too

    3. Inka☑️


      it is just a rebel gang with ranks and free gear, they can do what they want and also have access to things nobody can get or take off them. Amazing

    4. HUNT3R


      @Inka☑️ Sounds like the cops are a bit jelly uh? ^^

  6. Welcome back

    1. HUNT3R


      @Curly Howdy partner 😉

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