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  1. Good to know that my chosen role is that redundant.
  2. So we have no reason you Bring this up then?
  3. That is the thing. There is so little insentive for medics to be online. See my original post. I think that as soon as there are events for medics to be involved they Will be online. For now 90% of our Playtime we just sit,wait, fly response missions and as soon as we have a casualty we have 75% chance that as soon as we get there they'll opt to bleed out, dc or just bugger off without any roleplay or thank you. I have had episodes of being online for 4 hours with only 1 or 2 revives and only 1 of those sort of rp-ed.
  4. I get that I'm also not advocating for all events to be like that. But as it is now the events only cater to 1 audience and that is the Non-RP people, on a roleplay server. It is still a roleplay server. Maybe that is the whole point. RP doesn't pull the numbers anymore. So we do no RP events. Which leads to even less things to do for RP people. which leads to less people RP-ing, which leads to ….. When you have a problem with Dwindling RP on an RP server you should do something about it. Not just doing even less and ignoring the problem. If you ignore the problem RP will die. That is actually pretty simple. If you want RP to pull some decent numbers again. you should start doing more events. Get the word out about these events in Roleplay communities. Now a roleplayer shows up sees the state of the RP on this server and he basically walks out again instead of staying and participating. Don't ignore the problem but try to help with a solution.
  5. Hey guys, I have some suggestions. I am part of the NHS and I love it so far. There is one thing that bothers me though. As NHS player pretty much the only thing we get are possibilities for some awesome roleplaying. We don’t do it for the money because we don’t earn that much. But I think only 1 in every 8 revives or something I got someone that actually role-plays. Those moments are awesome. But those moments are rare and far apart. Most of the things we encounter are people that wreck or get shot or whatever and we make our way over there for them to either voluntarily bleed out after 3 minutes or for them to just basically ignore us and run off as soon as they are revived not so much as a thank you or they are whining that we should revive them because they would lose expensive stuff. I get that not everyone is into roleplaying, a bit weird for a roleplay server but anyway. So as a medic the general vibe I get and I’m not alone getting that vibe is just, we don’t care about the medics, only when we are about to lose expensive stuff or I can’t be arsed to drive all the way here again we’ll wait for the medic. Do mind that not everyone is like that. But it happens way more than it should. Then we get to events. The general message we as medics get is “Fuck off”. I have been nearly literally told that. Which I did I flew to a whole other city only for the event to reach that city and me having to fuck off again. There is so much potential to involve everyone in these events. For example. When you get a combat event you could for instance say that you cannot voluntarily bleed out after 3 minutes. You have to wait for the full 15minutes. But to compensate that we have NHS set up several non-combat evac zones way out of the combat area where you can evac your wounded to. Once there we evac them further out to a side specific hospital or MASH unit, they get a revive and you can be sent back in. What does this accomplish? NHS gets involved in an event and instead of just sitting on our ass, we get some roleplaying, we earn money by reviving and we earn experience. Combat will be more tactical and less gung-ho shooty shooty and respawn. Because when you lose someone they’ll be out for 15 minutes before reviving and flying back in. It’ll make all sides have better plans like looking after your battle buddies when they get hit you make a plan to evac them (Like you would in real life) and get them back into the fight ASAP. We can even incorporate civilians in this. Have them play hostages/POWs that need to be rescued. Everyone on the server is involved and not just the guys wielding the guns like it is now. I know this will slow down firefights immensely but it’s like that in real life too. We are on a roleplay server after all. We are not on a team deathmatch server. Let me know what you guys think of this. Would you be willing to plan in/organize an event like this and get everyone involved.
  6. Nielsken

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, My name is Niels I just joined the server thanks to my friend. "Dutchy" He introduced me to ARMA (I haven't played before) and more specifically to the NHS side of things. I am from Belgium and I am 36 years old. I am a nurse/paramedic in real life so playing as a medic should come natural. Roleplaying is also a hobby of mine Tabletop and in games so there is a decent basis there. I have loads of technical things to learn in game but I'm sure I"ll figure them all out in due time. I hope to see you all in game. Got Questions? Shoot! (does that count as initiating?)
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