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  1. Jungle Life - Progress Report #3 - Closed BETA Begins Hello everyone, just another check in updating our progress on Jungle Life development. This evening we have opened the server for closed beta testing with a pool of community members who expressed their interest on the interest form. This is a small pool while we continue to identify more game-breaking and apparent issues, as we iron out these issues and add content and features we will continue to add those who have registered interest. This is a big step in the development process and we hope this will allow us to create a more accurate development timeframe for public beta and public release. If you are interesting in joining the BETA, you can still submit your interest here: https://forms.gle/Ws4MXNnfDe3fBjgi6 With all the above said, we are seeking innovative individuals to join the team to take this and other projects to the next level, if you are interested submit an application here: https://phoenixrp.life/forms/5-developer-application/ Release staging will go as follows: - Small-Scale Closed Beta (Current) - Large Scale Closed Beta (All users who show interest will have access) - Public Beta - Full Release We will hopefully have more of an idea of timeframes of each stage soon. Mod pre-downloads will become available during the large scale Closed Beta stage.
  2. PhoenixRP Turns 4 Years Old 🥳 4 years ago we started up our first server, Takistan Life. We didn't know what the fuck we were doing, but somehow we made it work. We adapted to the situation we were in, and that's when we decided to make an Altis Life server and in hindsight, that decision went pretty well for us. It's clear we are not in the same position now than we were a few months ago with Altis Life, I am aware people are upset by this and this definitely isn't the most appealing time to be celebrating an anniversary, however, I have to be honest in saying I have been enjoying running PhoenixRP more now then I have in a long time. The expectations of something I didn't find enjoyable are eased and I can focus on something that I am genuinely excited by. Although things don't look great now, I truly believe the next year will be a significant one in the future of this great community. Jungle Life is still a work in progress and we will be opening up the beta to a select few who have registered their interest. I am so excited to finally get people on and giving feedback so we can build and improve what we already have. I can't wait to see familiar and new faces and get stuck in to playing on Jungle Life. We're aiming to make Year 5 the most interesting and enjoyable year yet - thank you to those that have stuck with us and I look forward to seeing everyone again soon Much Love,
  3. Kevin


  4. Kevin


    Jungle Life Q&A Stream at 7PM TODAY! Get your questions in here: https://forms.gle/PCWejCp7ecWneq9u6

    Stream will be live from 7PM on our Twitch account here: https://twitch.tv/PhoenixRP_LIVE 

  5. Kevin


    @Beefy just ask, I'll give you the password

    1. Cat


      hes on duty lad 

  6. bit of a weirdo mate
  7. Kevin

    AIDEN 2 shit

    Nice, so you gonna leave yet?
  8. Kevin

    AIDEN 2 shit

  9. Kevin

    AIDEN 2 shit

    i thought you were gone?
  10. Kevin


    Jungle Life Q&A stream postponed for today to focus on continuing development, we'll host a Q&A stream shortly before we open the BETA

  11. Nizwald

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    Alright work today pal silver star for you x


  12. Probably, needs to be discussed Or maybe a separate ban list (excluding hackers / CBs)
  13. Kevin


    The video is a joke, the server is real - want to try it, GREAT. Don't? Cool.

    The reason behind doing this is creating something I would enjoy playing myself, whether that reflects onto other people, we will have to wait and see. Arma is dead, the same shit is done everywhere, we are trying to do something different. Only a few other servers are actually unique

    No matter what we do, it won't be good enough for some people, and realistically I've stopped giving a fuck.

    We're doing what we WANT to do, not what people expect us to do by following the narrative of every other arma server.

    Altis Life is still around, will still be developed, but we're not limiting ourselves to that.

  14. PhoenixRP Jungle Life - Coming Soon PhoenixRP is happy to announce Jungle Life, a whole roleplay and combat experience. The purpose of this project is to create an experience that is different to the others out there at the moment, create different roleplay scenarios and different styles of combat. Arma is stale, we need to do something different, something that changes how people think about playing the game - this map allows us to do that, and going modded will allow us to do even more then ever before. Jungle Life is still a work in progress however we are at the later stages of development and hope to open up to a pool of testers in the next week or two, please register your interest for testing here: https://forms.gle/Ws4MXNnfDe3fBjgi6 So, now for some FAQ's Q: What map? A: G.O.S. N'ziwasogo v2 APEX Q: Will there be Task Force Radio? A: Yes. Q: What factions will there be? A: Gendarmerie (Police) & Bakaho Liberation Front / BLF (Rebel) Q: Fresh Economy? A: Yes, fresh start - Altis Life and Jungle Life are standalone servers Q: Are the faction ranks the same across servers? A: Members of Altis Police / Altis CSAT will be able to join the factions at a similar rank if selected by the faction command. More questions? We will be hosting a Q&A with the faces behind the project TOMORROW at 6PM BST/GMT on the PhoenixRP Twitch Channel! Screenshots:
  15. Kevin


    8PM - 


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      jungle life ? you guys joking ? 



      my biggest question is how did you guys find these people to do this video ? 

    4. Bandit


      just isnt funny is it

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