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    The reason you were originally banned (and then evaded) was because you were incredibly toxic towards former Management member Stephen back in November 2019. Your attitude there was shit, your attitude on the forums has been shit, so why on earth should @Nizwald and his staff team believe that your shit attitude isn't going to come back to support and have to deal with your abuse?
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    the BoiZ hiding from the sandstorm
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    Time Submitted: 02:53:30 PM | 08/10/20 Submitted By: Ivan Gusev (1716) Your In-Game Name: Ivan Gusev Who are you reporting?: O.K. DYLAN Time/Date of event: Around 14:50 (GMT+1) Rule's Broken: 2.3 Explain what happened: We killed Dylan at moonshine dealer after which we took his Hurron and went chopshop. as we were chopping it he comes to the chopshop and drives around after which he rams the hurron causing it to blow up. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEdMtCI3PcA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTkKTXVDZ-A Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Liam Johnson - 23653
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    It's been one hell of a week, and I'd like to thank everyone for their efforts. From staff to faction leads, you're doing an incredible job and we're looking to the future now to see what we can do to keep Phoenix looking and feeling fresh.
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    Now ive come to notice all these events are based on gunfights and death, now i hate dieing so i tend to stay away, last time i got shot, the gods were whispering in my ear and i caught a bullet from a cop. Not a complaint mind, i never complain or report, but next time we have a set of events could there be possible prizes for Roleplay? Im not saying we should take from the casual violence everyone enjoy, just maybe some events that pay for fun RP experiances, afterall my most memorable times have been roleplay. I would love the oppitunity to win some exotic items but no chance for the non-violent quaker like myself.. What do we think? Have a nice day
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    Get Kevin Kevinson in charge of the high court!
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    Time Submitted: 10:55:11 AM | 08/08/20 Submitted By: AdamBraz Forum ID: 8901 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Factions & Gang wars What Is Your Suggestion: Allow Factions to attend gang wars. Last night was one of the best and action packed gang wars Phoenix has had in months, even more so then when the server was maxed 130 slots during gang wars. This was due to allowing factions to attend. Doing this allows members of factions who aren’t in big rebel gangs to attend gang wars in a decent group either with CSAT or APC. Make it so factions have to still follow there vehicle restrictions, i.e not pulling out MRAPS for everyone and they still have to follow NLR. Also make it so factions can’t hold a gang base for more than 15 minutes rather they have to switch between the gang bases fighting in the middle of them or slamming.
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    Time Submitted: 07:46:54 PM | 08/10/20 Submitted By: Ivan Gusev (1716) In-Game Name: Ivan Gusev Steam / Player ID: 76561198240868234 Date of Event: 08/10/20 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/34811-player-report-ok-dylan-081020-altis-life/?tab=comments#comment-193494 Details of Event: All detailed in the player report. Compensation Amount: 28,680,825 [Hurron - 19,000,000] [Gear - 2,800,00] [Money on body - 6,880,825] Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
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    Time Submitted: 07:58:01 PM | 08/10/20 Submitted By: Dylann (6615) In-Game Name: DYLAN. Steam / Player ID: 76561198396097833 Date of ban: 08/10/20 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for 4 rule breaks, 3 of which was a mistake on the Admin's end. In my opinion I shouldn't have been banned. What reason was given for your ban? https://gyazo.com/928e9c9b2d4f00b04a3039e61609360f Why should you be unbanned? First of all I would like to rule out what the Admin got wrong on the player report. "So as you can see in the second video of the report, you can see DYLAN disconnects lobby out of the humming bird. DYLAN returns later in a quilin and destroys his own hurron to prevent it being chopped." I was never in the hummingbird in the first place, I was always on as civilian. I didn't soft log either. I logged out and logged back in, in the same place because I didn't want to play after just loosing a valuable helicopter. However, AIDEN persuaded to stay on so we could find it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Furthermore you also violated rule 2.2 by using knowledge from a supposedly dead and executed player to know where your hurron was. As during this time you were disconnected also whilst AIDEN. was executed." I may not have been online at the time of AIDEN being able to tell me the information, but there was 4 other CSAT members in the channel who could have passed down that information to me, as AIDEN was with them as this happened as they were also on their way to chopshop. This is another mistake. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "You also violate rule 2.7 as while you were repairing you were initiated on so you were disadvantaged whilst doing so." I also disagree with this, as I stopped repairing as soon as the player jumped out of the ifrit. The animation made it look like I took longer than I did but that is only client side. I was already behind the ifrit as he finished his initiation. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These mistakes were made by the Admin Fulton on my player report. A lot of assumptions were made by the Admin on the player report. He had no evidence I was ever in the hummingbird and that I soft logged. This can't be seen in either of the videos. I disconnected, and reconnected in Pygros I believe. The only rule break I was unsure about was Power Gaming, hence why I wanted an Admin to have a look. I waited to compensate as £15,000,000 is a lot to compensate and I even said in the report that I would compensate once an Admin had come to a final verdict. This can clearly be seen here: "This is the reason why I didn't compensate in the support case because I wanted a definitive and final verdict on the case. If an Admin decides that I will have to compensate then I will, but until then I will be waiting." I would like to be unbanned, or have a reduced ban because half of the rules the Admin accused me of breaking were false. However I accept responsibility for the power gaming rule break and am still happy to compensate the £15 million. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/34811-player-report-ok-dylan-081020-altis-life/
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    Ahhh why does the weather in the UK have to get so shocking this week... get it
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    Development was paused, will resume again soon - some people have BETA access, more people will be added over time and once we enable some of the features we have ready but not released
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    Good Job Zaka mate
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    Good stuff looks good!
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    Compensation request ACCEPTED Compensation of 2,150,000 will be added to your account at the 8pm restart.
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    Lesan: N1 pal mind put the cat out.
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    Hello, going by the rule definition of 2.3: 2.3 Power Gaming - Altering any RP scenarios in order to only best suit yourself or faction is not permitted. You must be willing to roleplay situations fully and not ruin others roleplay experience in order to benefit yours. Attempting to abuse server rules to gain an unfair advantage in game also is considered power gaming and low RP standard. The people are claiming me, blowing up the huron was classed as powergaming. However for me to "Alter an RP Scenario" there would have to be active roleplay in which by looking at the videos there wasn't. RP is where 2 players interact with each other through voice, which this wasn't done at any point. So for me, going by the rule in black and white, blowing up the huron was not in breach of 2.3, as it was done out of an active combat and RP situation. I was disputed for several different rule breaks and not one of them was powergaming. I was disputed for the following rules: 1.1 VDM - VDM is using your vehicle to harm others, whether this is by running them over, ramming their vehicle and/or attempting to create chaos. Players do sometimes clip each other with vehicles. If an apology is made due to an ‘Accident’ This is not VDM. 1.8 Exploiting - Attempting to use any kind of in-game mechanic for personal gain or disruption. Examples of exploiting include but are not limited to; the duplication of equipment, money and looking through walls, standing on / using vehicles to alter the effects of smoke. 1.3 Combat Storing - Storing/Destroying money, vehicles or gear while there is an active situation ongoing for the purpose of preventing the opposition getting their hands on it is not permitted ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was not in breach of any of the rules I was disputed for and in fact, I was reported for another rule break. In my opinion the rules shouldn't be interpreted as it is a RULE and it is written in black and white. This was what was done in the support case. From my POV and with my reasoning I do not believe that I was in the wrong. This is the reason why I didn't compensate in the support case because I wanted a definitive and final verdict on the case. If an Admin decides that I will have to compensate then I will, but until then I will be waiting. Thank you for taking time to read this and take it in. Have a nice day.
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    you got speed hacks lol totally n1
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    considering the bumpy times we have had i don't mind this being in the backburner for the time being.
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    Top fragger n1 lad
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    Surprised it didn't take admins a month just to put this on the forums, n1 gamer!!!!
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    @Louis Vuittonwhy is the quality so poo dude!!!
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    n1 known cheater
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    nlg i thought he was you cause of the name for about a week other than that n1
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    See my name through wall smh
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    Stop using my bloody names but not bad lad
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    lets go clark. my guy
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    n1 (clark with da mouse)
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    Boost Week With a Bang Event Completed! The Winners (of any of the games) Ahmed + Luigi (x2!), Dmitry, Jay + Cat, Jay Z.R. + Chris, Coleman, Proxy + Jemina, Frankie, Ivan Frankie, Z.R, Gorg, Jay + Cat, D00Mchick Exotic Items given out were: LRR.408 + 10 Magazines SPMG.333 + 5 Magazines Lynx 12.7 + 10 magazines CSAT Beret Ten round, 50 cal. Type 115 Bullets Thank you all for attending the boost week events. Here's to many more events in the coming weeks!
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    You really do be owning the server!!
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    Didn't really have a problem myself with the amount of csat/cops that were attending. Only thing that was kinda annoying was csat/cops going advanced when rebels were trying to gear. Other than that was funnest base bidding has been in a long while
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    Yeah I felt the brain power was needed with the new faction with something that was somewhat dead in the water. We can give it another go for sure.
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