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    a lot of old clips only the zaf clips are new
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    @Blurr @Lester we have a big fan
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    Hotfix v2.6.4 | 09/08/2020 @ 16:00 BST Added: Various gang skins.
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    It's been one hell of a week, and I'd like to thank everyone for their efforts. From staff to faction leads, you're doing an incredible job and we're looking to the future now to see what we can do to keep Phoenix looking and feeling fresh.
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    This "TKKK" player has a very clear disregard for the rules and a very large lack of respect. I'll be placing him on ban number 5 for the month meaning he is banned until the 30th August. Player report; ACCEPTED.
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    I know right, I was promised beta access months ago! smh @Kevin
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    Hello Nico, This is the police to the police. 20k please.
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    Enough shit in this thread, locked.
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    @Majood u actually 4 foot 3? Or do he mean 4:3 due to the wideness?
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    @Majood arnt u 4,3 with a big head and long arms ?
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    Boost Week With a Bang Event Completed! The Winners (of any of the games) Ahmed + Luigi (x2!), Dmitry, Jay + Cat, Jay Z.R. + Chris, Coleman, Proxy + Jemina, Frankie, Ivan Frankie, Z.R, Gorg, Jay + Cat, D00Mchick Exotic Items given out were: LRR.408 + 10 Magazines SPMG.333 + 5 Magazines Lynx 12.7 + 10 magazines CSAT Beret Ten round, 50 cal. Type 115 Bullets Thank you all for attending the boost week events. Here's to many more events in the coming weeks!
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    just remember. 2.9 and some other gangs still have name because I got unfairly banned. ask about who Divinity is. we where everyone Nightmare. HAVOC. Police . Gangs. We owned the server for almost half a year. new people like you should not even talk or argue. so next time if someone kill you just sit
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    I also think faction armories should have limitations due to the fact that their gear is free/cheap
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    Item Name: 63 Plutonium -239 Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/92158408253bfe4c5c001d9300108b46 Minimum Bid / Starting Bid: 30mill Minimum Increment: 500k End Date: 30/08/2020
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    Time Submitted: 05:13:09 PM | 08/09/20 Submitted By: ᔕᑭEEᗪY (5680) In-Game Name: XYZ Steam / Player ID: 76561198847843315 Date of Event: 08/09/20 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://gyazo.com/fb8df3f296f84db9d15f26242dbb7132 | https://gyazo.com/c4ef0ce8adfce7f283c77b566129475a Details of Event: Tried to chop the heli twice but never received the money! I blame Paddy for this Compensation Amount: 1.95m Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
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    Time Submitted: 10:55:11 AM | 08/08/20 Submitted By: AdamBraz Forum ID: 8901 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Factions & Gang wars What Is Your Suggestion: Allow Factions to attend gang wars. Last night was one of the best and action packed gang wars Phoenix has had in months, even more so then when the server was maxed 130 slots during gang wars. This was due to allowing factions to attend. Doing this allows members of factions who aren’t in big rebel gangs to attend gang wars in a decent group either with CSAT or APC. Make it so factions have to still follow there vehicle restrictions, i.e not pulling out MRAPS for everyone and they still have to follow NLR. Also make it so factions can’t hold a gang base for more than 15 minutes rather they have to switch between the gang bases fighting in the middle of them or slamming.
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    Time Submitted: 05:07:02 AM | 08/07/20 Submitted By: Inka☑️ Forum ID: 3985 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: type 50. cal mags What Is Your Suggestion: with the implementation of black market it would be nice if you could add some type 50. cal mags to the shop, i would imagine they should be about 100k-300k a mag. something like that
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    The reason you were originally banned (and then evaded) was because you were incredibly toxic towards former Management member Stephen back in November 2019. Your attitude there was shit, your attitude on the forums has been shit, so why on earth should @Nizwald and his staff team believe that your shit attitude isn't going to come back to support and have to deal with your abuse?
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    Time Submitted: 07:52:56 PM | 08/09/20 Submitted By: Thanos (644) Your In-Game Name: Thanos Who are you reporting?: ape TKKKKKK Time/Date of event: 9th august 2020 19:08 m(21:08 GRtime) Rule's Broken: 4.6 Explain what happened: Right after i healed him, one of his partenrs run(hood atticlimber) me over(VDM me) with his car and then he shot me, while i was about to heal another civilian. I think also his friend should be punished too, for VDM a medic. Punishments against medics should be more tough. We are serving the server, trying to help everyone on the Altis. We deserve some respect Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://streamable.com/4im133 Dispute code 23649 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Dennis
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    Finally got it painted with a little help @Gill eh? Tidy machine that
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    congrats nazi boy
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    Missing 1 tazer clip but for the rest good clips
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    im happy helping with any events you need help with. sentient NPC etc.
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    Yo Niko I like your profile song!😎
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    Nice profile song
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    where are you bringing 8k hours from, ive got 3k and just came back from a year break. swear you have to get your parents permission just to play Phoenix
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    Our final event of the weekend is gonna be nuts. Here's the post! Be sure to scroll down:
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    I'd like to add that cops and CSAT don't get any MRAPS (atleast for now) easily over at the redzone, so they either come with prowlers or quillins, giving an advantage to rebels being able to use MRAPS.
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    Fuck up niko lmao
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    Alright lads, try to keep the toxicity and verbal abuse down. No need for this. Warnings might get issued by the staff team if this continues.
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    How about we all relax and have a good time pwease 😌
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    LOL just saw that. you had earplugs on. so you could not even hear the bullet. so stupid. I have over 8k hours on this game kid. I dont need cheats and lagswich to kill someone like you
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    I did not lie about the singles clips montage though. and the title of this conversation is Dirty Cunt
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    not even global banned. its pheonix admins that banned me and said GB in my ban lmao and yeah you died legit man. just sit down and yeah you died legit man. just sit down
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    it was good yeah but need to limit how many cops and csat can come, also i dont understand why they didnt really slammed us, we slammed them at other gang bases more than they slammed us which was once. also sniping should be banned lol.
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    @Mystic sad times
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    +1 I think capping it at 10 from either side attending would be the better choice, also you have to keep in mind rebels have to get gear to have a fair fight so i dont think factions should be allowed near advanced. I think that factions should have to constantly move around as well an not be able to sit at a gang base for more than 5 minutes to re-group if needed.
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    +1 This is a good idea as some Gang wars are very quiet and Sorta boring when there isn't a lot of gangs on the server to Push or has the money for Loadouts, etc. This would be more Fun for the Faction Side as it would be great fun Communicating with your Faction members, and it would also be more fun for the Gangs Side as well as there will be more Action so they won't get Bored in Gang wars. (Also Another note to mention it's Good for Civs if they have Grave Robber as there will be many Faction members dying with Decent Loadouts on their selves so they won't need to spend a lot of money on Gang wars) (Also there should be Rules on CSAT & APC on Holding bases, they should always be Moving around the Areas of the Gang bases not Holding them i reckon)
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    Love this meme!
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    Hi there all, Just a quick update on what's been going on this week and how things are currently looking. We're happy that all of you are enjoying boost week, and with people back on the server we are happy to see that there are a lot of suggestions coming in as to how the server could become more enjoyable for our player base and we look to work as hard as we can to ensure this. But more on that in just a second. As for some of the promises made in regards to boost week itself they are certainly going to be delivered on but just a quick few clarifications: Gang Skins If you have a gang that has 8+ members on the roster, you need to put in a google form as a request for the skin. This is imperative. If this google doc isn't put in then you can't expect to get the free vehicle skin. The skin will remain in the server for 28 days from the point of which it is put in. Please also keep in mind that you will need to make the skin and send us the relative file for us to implement it - we will not make the skin for you. Events We hope that there will be a few more events towards the end of this week, and we're sorry we haven't been able to deliver on this earlier. Therefore, as a little bonus, we will be doing an event every day this weekend starting tomorrow and extending the boost week buffs until Sunday 00:00 restart. So what's next?: New gang activities We understand that many are enjoying the CSAT presence on the island, as it's a much needed rival to the (CORRUPT!!) police force on the island. Recruitment is in full swing, and you can still put in your LOI to join CSAT here. However, although this is exciting for gangs also, we hear your calls for new combat based activities which are not only fun but will provide rewards to fuel the weaponry you so need. We are going to going to look at all the options possible with the development capacity available at the moment, but we hope that there can be a patch soon enough to quell your desires. Feedback I cannot stress enough how important feedback is. Whether it is replied to or not, we are looking at all the suggestions. Likelihood is that if a suggestion isn't answered to it means that you've at least planted a seed in the development teams mind as to what we want to see next on the server. Not only on the forums, but dropping a quick message in the #altis-life chat on our official Discord server about your experience would be appreciated along with any constructive criticism or suggestions. Economy The economy is something that is incredibly volatile, and we don't want you to feel a slump after boost week. Take note of how your gameplay feels now, and compare it to once the boost week buffs end on Sunday. We want the experience to feel valuable but also as frictionless as possible, and although loadouts should not be cheap they should be affordable in the relative context of runs. Finally, I'll be holding a general Q&A some time after boost week for you to feedback through voice-communications; for those who hate typing out long forum posts like this one! Best Wishes, Ted Project Lead
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    I've been reported for low roleplay standard. Looking at server rules, you need to provide quality roleplay either before or after, I initiated with a clear advantage on the officers, and I knew they heard it when one officer put his hands up and down. There were three directly in my sights and none of them complied with my demands, they did not give me the chance to give them the "roleplay standard" they desire, they could have surrendered and then they would not have been allowed to be shot, and this way we could have extended the situation, but their lack to value their lives did the exact same thing as they claim I did. They evidently wanted the fight, and cried when they lose. Here is what happened from my pov
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    Make a compensation request, this guy is global banned.
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    i dont think there should be a limit to apc or csat but i agree they cant come to rebel.
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