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    Minor tweaks v2.6.1 | 01/08/2020 @ 00:00 BST Added: LRPS & AMS scopes to Black Market. Changed: Location of one Black Market. Changed: CSAT can now access processing sites. Changed: Certain CSAT uniforms/vests added/removed. Fixed: Black Market sign being inaccessible. Removed: Crane from HM Treasury. Removed: Clothing shop from Black Market.
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    Time Submitted: 02:42:02 PM | 07/05/20 Submitted By: Rxzkyy Forum ID: 6455 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: HM What Is Your Suggestion: please remove the whole transport phase or whatever that is make it so once negotiations are off if you kill all cops ur good to go and sell the gold should be simple and not 2 waves it's long and quite annoying
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    Interesting CSAT command
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    Red is Good, CSAT has my support.
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    nah he joined the server earlier, definitely not a FiveM person
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    Sofia taken off Wide Traveler perk and added to Default spawn options for next update. Implemented.
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    @TimingEven though you might feel nothing will come of it, it would be beneficial for the both of you if you guys went to support to talk about this situation. Until then I'll lock this case and if the case still goes to report I'll unlock this case. @MAISTRO_TR From what I can see you guys have sorted your differences out and have decided not to push this report further. Player report DECLINED.
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    Time Submitted: 01:49:32 PM | 07/31/20 Submitted By: SimmoInit (2909) In-Game Name: Simmo Steam / Player ID: 76561198059521373 Date of ban: 07/26/20 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Known Hacker What reason was given for your ban? known hacker Why should you be unbanned? cause someone used my alt on other servers to cheat, check my ip ive had the same for the last 4 years or so, ive got 5.6k hours on the game and no reason to cheat. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Time Submitted: 12:32:02 AM | 06/18/20 Submitted By: Mystic Forum ID: 6912 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Sofia Spawn What Is Your Suggestion: Make Sofia a main spawn location, alongside the others. May not seem like a good idea in regards to the current playerbase, but for the future it will make situations around the map more spread. There's a few runs near Sofia which could be a good starting income for new players.
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    It's literally a gamemode from call of duty. Declined.
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    hehe big gun goes brapppp Big gun fun Declined, sorry.
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    But you realise when you lose connection in a hostage sit it’s combat logging, whether intentional or not?
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    Black Market isn't supposed to be easy to get to. It's purely a location to buy a special gun etc, not a place to fully gear up. Declined.
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    i didnt log off the server kicked me because of bad internet and David didnt say that i had to log back on and i dont think thats on the rules ( i mean when you lost connection when you hostage you need to go back or not )
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    Boost Week! v2.6 | 31/07/2020 @ 16:00 BST Added: New Major Crime "Altis Casino". Robbing the casino gives you money bags, which can be turned into laundered cash at the Deserted Laundromat. To finish it off you can put all the money into off-shore accounts at the Off-Shore Accountancy. Requires 10 APC members to be online. Added: CSAT OPFOR Faction. CSAT has deployed a small force to the Altis region amidst growing concerns for the people of Altis, and to investigate a number of resource deposits available for refinement and shipping. CSAT’s primary objective is to secure a foothold in Altis and develop infrastructure that will allow us to stand against the Altisian government and support our operations overseas. CSAT has camps across Altis and will operate with a sense of covertness. Added: Black Market. Found at two random locations on the map is a Black Market. This contains many hard to get weaponry, clothing, and more. Contents include; MAR-10, Cyrus, Zafir, & more! Changed: Airdrops to CSAT Airdrops. Changed: Reduced required players for CSAT Airdrop spawn to 15. Changed: Reduced required players for a Popup Cartel spawn to 15. Changed: HM Treasury location from Telos Domes to Neochori. Changed: NPAS Orca & Hummingbird skins. Changed: Various weapon prices. Changed: Various run payout changes. Changed: Increased Fuel Station and Local Bank payouts. Changed: Ifrit price reduced to 2,500,000. Changed: Strider price reduced to 1,800,000. Fixed: Restore Default Loadout option to CSAT camps, MPU HQ, & Spec Units HQ. Fixed: 5.7 & 6.5 suppressors for APC. Fixed: MPU HQ car spawn. Fixed: Hatchback added to PPC garage. Fixed: Various attachments within APC Spec Units. Removed: Traces of HAVOC. Removed: Neochori Fuel. Removed: Sofia PD.
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    Hope you guys like it, i spent a lot of time on it. Ready for the anti-semitism in the comments.
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    would love to join this gang. decent medic and allround great team player. i know some of the guys in the gang and they know me.
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    CSAT Handbook Mobile users click here
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