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PhoenixRP.co.uk is now PhoenixRP.LIFE, read more here.


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    PhoenixRP.co.uk becomes PhoenixRP.LIFE We are happy to announce that we are changing our primary domain from PhoenixRP.co.uk to PhoenixRP.LIFE - there are a few reasons for this change, lets go over it briefly. The main reason is that the domain/TLD is not region specific - we want to begin promoting PhoenixRP to a global demographic, the new domain will allow us to do this. This is very important for our up and coming project. We will continue to focus our developments around the UK and European region, so our servers will remain hosted in the UK where possible and Altis Life will remain UK themed. PhoenixRP.co.uk will continue to be supported and will either continue to work as expected or redirect to PhoenixRP.LIFE Stay tuned, big announcement coming soon
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    Quite short as I don't record much anymore Watch in 4K Feedback Appreciated ❤️
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    just a quick guideline for those who dont know the difference between those guns
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    Time Submitted: 09:38:44 PM | 09/11/20 Submitted By: Tiger (7) Your In-Game Name: Professional Medic Who are you reporting?: Paddy McCarthy Time/Date of event: 23/08/2020 Rule's Broken: 1.2 Explain what happened: We got in a fight with SpaceX and got killed by them then got executed by Paddy shooting rockets at me. I disputed him and msged him on ts but he didnt want to come to support. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJ-o4cCujck You are not permitted to execute a person if you were not involved in the incapacitation of that person. Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?:
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    CSAT Zerg in action!
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    Shout out to @Zaka, shit quality because I have a massive brain.
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    Okay, so if we look at what we have here, we have a rulebreak from Paddy, he realised that by appologizing to you, he paid compensation for the lost gear. I dont understand what you want with this player report. The only thing Paddy should have done is going to support when he got disputed, thats what everybody should do when there is an issue with something that has happened ingame. And i also dont see the point of making a player report almost 3 weeks later. You being inactive is a stupid excuse as you did enough things on the forum in the meantime. Player report declined.
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    i know the event didnt really go very well, there were some mistakes made and a lot of misscommuncation we will try to improve on those issues. If you have constructive critisim feel free to DM me on discord, lets try to keep this post clean tho. Thanks o7
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    Time Submitted: 08:18:52 AM | 09/09/20 Submitted By: Lester Forum ID: 1289 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: SuperCap What Is Your Suggestion: Why dont you just make OG and church supercap points at the 20:00 restart. Capping these points while they're boosted will give you a very healthy paycheck in the gangbank and maybe give players 200k per kill inside the redzone whilst this is active. This would give gangs a reason to fight the cartels and even cops because they can make some money killing players inside the zone. Wouldnt be super hard to write a script for it, I might even be able to help with that.
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    Hi there people, thoughts on this Qilin
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    Viper after finishing their last operation on Tanoa and getting ready for their deployment on Altis 👀
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    Unbanned. Hope it was just bad internet. Staff will keep an eye out archived
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    Time Submitted: 04:38:42 PM | 08/29/20 Submitted By: M a J a Z u R i (6001) In-Game Name: majazuri Steam / Player ID: 76561198168617039 Date of ban: 03/22/54 In your opinion, why were you banned?: lagswitching What reason was given for your ban? lagswitching Why should you be unbanned? i didnt What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    As planned, I'm going to be stepping back from development side stuff and therefore project lead. I'll still be around as BTEC management for the time being though.
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    Time Submitted: 03:51:38 AM | 08/29/20 Submitted By: Inka☑️ Forum ID: 3985 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Vehicle skins What Is Your Suggestion: i feel like the skins really lack on this server, we have alot of talented skin devs but rebel dont get any skins. i understand about the mission file size but there is atleast 10 SUV skins, and its not like they are for new player since you get a new one each prestige. since the only major rebel gang is 2.9 at this point i think they would all agree with there being more ifrit and qilin skins. also when i say we want more skins not just a camo and thats it, we would like branded stuff to make it more unique to the server. a really good example of a skin thats ready for use and very well done is viktors ben & jerry ifrit skin. also remove the suv skins, they have no point. also can we have a member of management actually reply to this and see what you think about it instead of people talking about it and it getting ignored.
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    i know i have a bad pc and its basically a 50. montage
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    most stupid idea I've heard all day
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    SUPERCAP EVENT Tonight, 7th September @ 20:00 BST - WINNERS - 1st Supercap - 2.9 2nd Supercap - 2.9 3rd Supercap - 2.9 4th Supercap - APC
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    Minor Tweaks v2.6.6 | 06/09/2020 @ 20:00 BST Added: APC Operations Shop. A new shop that can be activated by SI+ during major crimes. Added: Undercover SUV for TPU T3+. Added: Feature where chop shop cannot be accessed during gang wars. Added: New skin for ifrit + skins for Qilin. Added: Various new CSAT skins. Changed: Size of CSAT Distribution zone. Changed: Layout & red zone size of Lakka Drug Cartel. Changed: Location of Spec Units HQ. Changed: Various CSAT weapon/clothing changes. Changed: Various APC weapon changes. Changed: Prices of black market items (starting to phase out black market). Fixed: Damage to buildings at Northern no longer destroy them. Fixed: Issue with Inspector/CI whitelisting not being able to pull prowlers. Fixed: CSAT not being able to open their gates with P. Fixed: CSAT van/hellcat skins.
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    Time Submitted: 08:36:47 PM | 08/25/20 Submitted By: AdamBraz Forum ID: 8901 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Lower chop shop prices What Is Your Suggestion: Make it so chopping vehicles only gives about 10% of the vehicle instead of whatever it gives now. One reason : Most people are afraid of pulling out vehicles like ifrits as they are worth 3 mil or so to buy, and you will most likely decamp and be roached so why would you bother pulling one out? Two : Factions are limited to pulling out certain vehicles. Half of the reason this is implented is due to balancing, but a good part of it is the money we could potentially giving to civs if they chop them, lowering the prices lowers the risk of having vehicles chopped, meaning cops can remove the limits on some vehicles such as quillins and prowlers and makes for much more fun gameplay. Three : I think chop shop should be disabled for the full length of gang wars, as not really in recent time but a few months ago some gangs used to spend the whole of gang wars chopping ifrits for money. Makes people not want to pull them out and encourages boring fights as nobody will slam in anything but an ifrit.
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    Rare footage of Viper arriving on Altis😮
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    An hour into the event, Ted makes a rule of no roaching! after that announcement was made the whole of the APC log off. Surprised? not really
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    Time Submitted: 02:15:33 PM | 08/30/20 Submitted By: AIDEN ✅ Forum ID: 466 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: New PVP game Mode What Is Your Suggestion: So it’s very clear people want another pvp event along with gang wars which is rightly so cause Phoenix needs a unique selling point to bring people in which I feel like it lacks in atm. A lot of people have been suggesting warzone and conflict which are other servers USPs and Phoenix shouldn’t just rip them off. Imma suggest a original idea to Phoenix called Control which would work like hardpoint off Cod, every (what everyday chosen) at 8pm this event would start, this would entail a control point which would pop up for a certain amount of time and the bases which are the control points would be designed around pvp and slamming, there would be 4/5 different control points around the red zone which would look like gang bases and you would push and control those for a certain amount of time. For every kill you get you would receive some money and xp and for every control point capt the gang funds will receive a mil or so. The gang with the most amount of control points capt will have a significant amount of money placed into there gang funds as the price for winning.
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    We have a very firm stance against the "doxing" of people, joke or not. This means that if a picture of someone comes from anyone but them it will be moderated appropriately. If we're snowflakes for this stance, then so be it but we will not let people openly post pictures of other members of the community. Something's that are a joke to you might not exactly be jokes to everyone else. I'm not sure how else I can reply to this without any context on your part. As for the "childish" comment, "childish" would be quite the opposite to what you accuse us of doing, but again you've provided no context so it's hard for me to fully respond to.
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    @MAISTRO_TR Hi there, paddy here!
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    Just wanted to clear this up; This isn't a case of a management member not giving a shit and just RDMing someone. As you can see in the post (linked below) I compensated him and made sure he was okay with me accidentally executing him (he was already killed by another gang). I always have and always will play fair, and play by the rules. Hope this clears up any confusion/misconception regarding the report.
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    Time Submitted: 02:32:25 PM | 09/07/20 Submitted By: R Finch Forum ID: 5443 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Move HM anywhere else but What Is Your Suggestion: Move HM anywhere but domes. Too many ifrits go, makes it decamp snooze sesh
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    Hey guys, I have some suggestions. I am part of the NHS and I love it so far. There is one thing that bothers me though. As NHS player pretty much the only thing we get are possibilities for some awesome roleplaying. We don’t do it for the money because we don’t earn that much. But I think only 1 in every 8 revives or something I got someone that actually role-plays. Those moments are awesome. But those moments are rare and far apart. Most of the things we encounter are people that wreck or get shot or whatever and we make our way over there for them to either voluntarily bleed out after 3 minutes or for them to just basically ignore us and run off as soon as they are revived not so much as a thank you or they are whining that we should revive them because they would lose expensive stuff. I get that not everyone is into roleplaying, a bit weird for a roleplay server but anyway. So as a medic the general vibe I get and I’m not alone getting that vibe is just, we don’t care about the medics, only when we are about to lose expensive stuff or I can’t be arsed to drive all the way here again we’ll wait for the medic. Do mind that not everyone is like that. But it happens way more than it should. Then we get to events. The general message we as medics get is “Fuck off”. I have been nearly literally told that. Which I did I flew to a whole other city only for the event to reach that city and me having to fuck off again. There is so much potential to involve everyone in these events. For example. When you get a combat event you could for instance say that you cannot voluntarily bleed out after 3 minutes. You have to wait for the full 15minutes. But to compensate that we have NHS set up several non-combat evac zones way out of the combat area where you can evac your wounded to. Once there we evac them further out to a side specific hospital or MASH unit, they get a revive and you can be sent back in. What does this accomplish? NHS gets involved in an event and instead of just sitting on our ass, we get some roleplaying, we earn money by reviving and we earn experience. Combat will be more tactical and less gung-ho shooty shooty and respawn. Because when you lose someone they’ll be out for 15 minutes before reviving and flying back in. It’ll make all sides have better plans like looking after your battle buddies when they get hit you make a plan to evac them (Like you would in real life) and get them back into the fight ASAP. We can even incorporate civilians in this. Have them play hostages/POWs that need to be rescued. Everyone on the server is involved and not just the guys wielding the guns like it is now. I know this will slow down firefights immensely but it’s like that in real life too. We are on a roleplay server after all. We are not on a team deathmatch server. Let me know what you guys think of this. Would you be willing to plan in/organize an event like this and get everyone involved.
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    Made in 2 weeks black market was a great idea!!
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    Have taken a step back over the past week or so due to upcoming exams. Planning to be back Thursday and will take a look at suggestions/bugs then.
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    Hows the PHX Friendship Circle going? Clearly isn't helping new players get involved and old ones return.
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    Defo found this funnier than I should have.
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    Time Submitted: 04:42:58 PM | 08/27/20 Submitted By: Bandit Forum ID: 4205 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: destroyer What Is Your Suggestion: add a destroyer major again cos it was dank
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    Time Submitted: 11:38:02 AM | 08/25/20 Submitted By: Sammy Forum ID: 2840 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Decrease Weapon prices What Is Your Suggestion: Seen a lot of people think that rebel life is dead atm and one of the main things that persuades people to join a faction instead of playing rebel is that being a rebel is incredibly expensive. If you are an active rebel you can easily go through 3 - 5m+ a day whereas you can play cops and pay nothing for your gear or CSAT and pay virtually nothing. Currently its pointless allowing csat/cops to even play rebel as they never do due to it being too expensive whereas if you made rebel life cheaper then it would discourage people from joining factions and would also make it more likely that csat/cops would choose to play rebel more often. I understand that gear is expensive to be a sort of money sink but most of the people that have an insane amount of money on the server are in factions anyways and all the expensive gear does is cripple rebels who the majority of arent sitting on 100m bank accounts and are relativley poor. No one wants to do runs anymore and is why every other server has moved away from it. Gta has conflict so most of the time if you play conservitavley you can either break even or make a bit of money, same with oly and reborn. Phx is the only server currently that makes you do runs to be able to fight.
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    People moan when the servers dead yet anything happens and police just crush everything. dont moan that the servers dead if you are gonna kill it yourself
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    Time Submitted: 10:20:09 PM | 09/22/20 Submitted By: Tiger Forum ID: 7 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: CSAT What Is Your Suggestion: Give CSAT a checkpoint and rename them to HAVOC. I miss roleplaying at CP
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    Time Submitted: 12:41:47 AM | 09/20/20 Submitted By: I No-Scoped JFK Forum ID: 1413 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: More rebel outposts What Is Your Suggestion: I would like to see more Rebel outposts added to the server. This would help with getting weapons for rebels as at the moment you have to go well out of your way to get them. One location where a new outpost could be added is here: https://i.imgur.com/vX2qaDY.jpg . Also I would want the northern hideout above athira changed to an outpost and the hideout be swapped with the one below northen cartel which would allow for civs to get advanced rebel weapons and be able to get quickly to the action. Another part of this suggestion would be a perk added to 0 prestige level 50 that you can spawn at all rebel outposts, This would allow for rebels again to have more easy access to weapons so they can have get back into fighting and having fun sooner.
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    i was gonna join CSAT but theyre full. Cops are embarrassing atm so dont want to be part of them xD
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