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    Luke last

    luke da god
  3. u acting kinda sus ngl

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  5. smh... im gonna go with i was inactive?
  6. wait which one used that song
  7. i was goning to use but cba to play arma anymore
  8. Personally, i think the rules are quite clear. Its a red zone, so no fight should happen outside the zone unless both parties take it outside the zone. Mrap vs mrap is a different thing, that can happen everywhere. If you get killed, just take the person to support and sort it out there.
  9. I want to make a joke but I've already made it 100 times
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  11. no cause thats havoc not csat, different faction, different purpose. Also would make CSAT dead as fuck to play cause cp was boring af
  12. Gill


  13. Time Submitted: 09:35:25 PM | 09/23/20 Submitted By: Gill Forum ID: 9086 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Supercap distance What Is Your Suggestion: ello i think it would be wise to have some clarification on a supercap distance. Since it started ive witnessed overspill out of the capped area, ive been killed just outside the area and that's not my gripe. My gripe is ive taken shots and seen Ifrits ramming in towns, mainly when the cap area is close to Agios. Vast majority of people respect the distance but we know how MRAP wars can get, it can get out of hand very quickly. Can we either extend the size of the red zone be more stringent on leaving the zone or be a bit more smart with supercap placement, like putting it on aircraft carriers or abandoned towns?
  14. Nizwald2

    hello nizwald! nizwald here!

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    2. Nizwald


      what the fuck. @Kevin this is your fault

    3. Nizwald2


      finders keepers

    4. HUNT3R


      I think blue is an impostor

  15. Kevin


  16. Nizwald

    what happend to myPhoenix?

    Sorry i mean for sponsor+
  17. Why was my last status removed @Paddy McCarthy 

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    2. Curly


      Okay fairs man but what if i scribbled the name out said it was TK @Paddy McCarthy

    3. Mason Munchii

      Mason Munchii

      @Paddy McCarthy He doesn't agree with consent anyway, gotta remember he's a noncey cunt

    4. Founder Number 2.5

      Founder Number 2.5

      fucking pedo

  18. Nizwald

    what happend to myPhoenix?

    @Gill if you link your forum account with Discord and join the Phoenix discord you'll get access
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