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  2. Thanks for your response @Gill you have mentioned quite some important details which probably are going to be interesting for @Nizwald I really hope it turns out to be different and better then Altis life, the running arround and killing everyone and everything has just nothing to do with RP and that's sadly what's been going on in phx for a while now. I can guarantee you there is a big and competent team working on jungle life currently. The amount of effort that's beeing put into the smallest things is just insane. So you can really look forward to that.
  3. Yeah i feel the same, when jungle was announced people were up in arms about losing the server and all their gear but where are they now? There is no point jumping onto the Altis server now, in a modded server guy anyway, it was nice to go back to basics but you just don't get the same rp experience. I'm unsure of phx management structure but once jungle life launches they will need a team to really push the concept put across all the communities, but i keep saying like a broken record, modded server players are a different beast, they will spend 8 hours a day on the server if they can, but any inconsistent role play or development then the immersion will be broke and they may not even try playing. Things like unrealistic placement of resources, why am I mining in a field? Why am I picking extacy from a tree? This stuff didn't matter when your playerbase farms just to buy guns but many modded players don't even bother with guns, armalife is eurotruck simulator but with bandits, and cops.
  4. fuck off who asked
  5. Worth investing your time into jungle life then, would be nice to ace it from the start
  6. After scaring off the last few "normal" civilian players by turning the Altis server into an events server and then changing it into a 8 o clock Koth server there is nothing left to save or revive For a very long time I ve been trying to help and do stuff, keep phx alive as an admin and faction command/lead hower there is only that much one can do and now it's genuinely too late. So if at some point CB gets active again they can count on me. But until then it makes no sense to try and keep things alive and active. Took me a few weeks to realise this.
  7. CMON BOYS YESSI GG LOVE U ALL lmao DIDNT DO NOUT https://gyazo.com/0eeb34c946f9736c248b147390747587

    1. Mike Sano
    2. Jay Harvey

      Jay Harvey

      whens the montage dropping



      @Jay Harvey never was full legit :) 

  8. Gorg

    Ximmy | #1

    Hello my name is Gorg and It's came to my attention i have to write a Review on this, I firstly want to say that the transitions was a fucking mazza, we didn't even know what was going on for half of the Montage as the transitions took over the video like we was going into another dimension. Also What the Fuck was going on with you running around showing off the server, we don't need a Introduction on what the server looks like. 30 Seconds in and where's one single kill, i am literally crying my eyes out watching this. I Would also like to say it took you nearly a year to gather all of these clips, do you realise what sort of server website your posting this on Kiddo? This isn't no BTEC Bullshit, this is real my friend real shit here. Take some tips of Maistro while your at it, complete utter shit. Conclusion - 1/10 The Amount of Bullshit this brings out, it's so bollocks. Thanks, Gorg.
  9. Hello my name is Gorg as you all know, Pretty late to the party to write a review on this. So i am sorry for the lateness, but long story short Adam kept asking me for good songs for the montage and i linked a absolute banger to him and what does he do, doesn't use it. This right here folks is the definition of cuntbag, he doesn't realise who i am. I am the person who writes updated and detailed reviews on peoples Montages. Because of the poor effort of not listening to me, it's shit. Literally every call i am in or Voice chat you go, "Yo yo Gorg check this out dude this is sick" what is this man thinking? He really thinks he has a big ego to maintain a good structure of Montages? No lol. Conclusion - 3/10 - Try better, at-least next time add the Clip of me dying in it then it will be 7/10 as the Ego rating will be there. Thanks, Gorg.
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  11. Michael

    Give Jakob A Shot

    bring back @Jesse Johnson
  12. i think he meant jungle, phoenix in general, but yeah im inclined to agree with you, sadly.
  13. mr pearce’s dogshit server
  14. are you refering to altis server or the jungle server?
  15. On a real note, why does anyone even care about 'ReViVinGG' the server? We have an Ark server that has more pop. And we dont have a headless client. We wish we did, but we havent met our donation goals through January to October.
  16. Of Course not man, I've been keeping the position of "Secretary to the Chief of Training and Recruitment of the Altis Police Academy" vaccant for his return!
  17. Sometimes we must do the things. Do not forget @Curly and @A.J. Squared Away
  18. TRUE Free up caffeine curtis. Mason Munchii for CTU chief and Barry B Benson can go fuck himself!
  19. When starting at the bottom of anything you dont do what you like but do what the bosses want, so ask for a job, say "i want to make skins, that meet your vision of a realistic server, this is a few ive done before". Saying that, if you want to improve the community but don't know what to do, be like me, just be pleasant as possible to our fellow community members, do your best in RP and improve our world bit by bit. The issue in gaming communities like these are younger lads think respect is power and vice versa, That the way to the top in a community is to grab admin, or developer or whatever. last thing to do is try and become a staff member, it comes natural if you are likeable and reliable. My advice is practice your social skills, personality and actual digital skills, things that will be transferable to real life, by being a good organizer and designer people will come to you. Bit of tough love, doing a poll and looking for acceptance can look weak you don't need to do this, if i remember i was speaking to you on the jungle server few nights ago and you were talking about making skins, If you are having trouble thinking of an idea, take one of the new vehicles and make a skin for that, not a pink Mrap because jungle life is going for a realistic look. Throw it on discord and dont be afraid of critical feedback, that critical feedback will give you the tools to grow and develop as a person and a designer! don't take my criticism to hard though, your enthusiasm is truly inspiring. Best of luck and just be you, your a good lad. Don't listen to the haters, they are weak.
  20. Scarso

    Give Jakob A Shot

    How about we just don't? It won't help the server as if you truly want to revive Altis Life you need to bring something new to the table and make the server feel different. Just changing the community atmosphere helps a lot. Changes to the police won't do this as for the police to be fun you need a civilian player base...
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