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    Appeal A Ban

    So you have been banned from our servers and you want to come back. We welcome you to make a Appeal A Ban however there are a few things we need to cover before hand. The first thing for you to do is accept what you done was wrong. The best way for you to do this is to read the Rules.

    Appeal A Ban's are the lowest priority here on PhoenixRP, that means you are not to message a Staff Member/Tag Staff Members/Bump Your Appeal in any way. Our Staff Team are committed and will get round to your Appeal.

    Before posting a Appeal, please make sure you have the following information to hand to put into the Appeal:

    • Steam ID - This can be found here.
    • When you were banned or a rough date if it was a long time ago.

    Now you have the above information please feel free to fill in the following form. Once you submit this Appeal it will be posted here. You can track the progress and respond to any questions we may have.

    Failure to respond to a question on your appeal within 24 Hours will automatically time the Appeal out and you will have to create a new Appeal.

    If you have received a [T5] Ban or a [CB] Ban you must get in contact through the following email: [email protected]. From here a Management Member will process your appeal.

    We wish you the best in luck and hope to see you around on the servers.

    PhoenixRP Management


    Ban Appeal Form

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